tinnitus and ms?


Got tinnitus? Or even know anything about it?

I definitely have a bit of it. It’s a nagging ear-ringing (high-pitched) sound.

It’s most commonly associated with too much exposure to loud noise (and, since I play in a band, sometimes I end up sitting too close to the drums). But I was just wondering: could the nerve damage of MS also translate to the auditory nerve?

I don’t know that this is likely, since I don’t hear of people going deaf due to MS–more often blind. But is it something that we just don’t hear about?


2 Responses to “tinnitus and ms?”

  1. I have ringing in the ears. Sometimes I don’t hear as well as I should. It comes and goes. And so does my sense of smell. I know a lot of people can lose their vision but mine just gets very blurry at times or foggy looking. (If that makes sense). I have lesions on my brain stem which I’ve been told can cause these symptoms.

    • Hi Laurie,
      I also had a foggy around the periphery vision problem, which sent me straight to the neuroophthalmologist about a year ago. Several hours of testing later, they attributed it to years of having had migraines, and nothing to do with my MS–which I guess is good?
      I also have had problems clenching my jaw in my sleep, which puts pressure on the auditory nerve–that can also be a cause of temporary tinnitus. I’ve been working on some self-massage around the TMJ area to get it to loosen up… hopefully that can fix things. Otherwise, I think I’ll start bringing earplugs to my band rehearsals… since other than the mild ringing, my hearing is still perfectly fine!

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