stress and health


Now that we’re all done with taxes (we are…. aren’t we?) hopefully we all can afford to take a load off.

(Or… catch up on what we left behind?)

Anyway, perhaps you’ve heard, by now, the link between stress and health. Hopefully you know about this! More stress = worse health, in general.

When our body gets stressed out, we release cortisol, the stress hormone. It’s not 100% understood, but it affects all sorts of body processes ranging from weight gain to immunity to hormones…

In fact, it’s been suspected in chronic inflammation of our body, which has been linked to–you guessed it–autoimmune disease such as MS. (You knew I’d get there at some point!)

So, clearly, we want to reduce stress to reduce MS flareups… and improve our health in general! I know we all have different stress reduction techniques, but for sure, when I chatted about stress reduction with my health students the other day, the big theme?

Planning ahead. Organization. Not procrastinating.

There are other stress reduction techniques too, but those are fodder for a future post…


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