rant on hospital food…


Recently, while staying on the surgical ward at a local hospital and needing to eat a clear liquids diet for a few days… well, I shouldn’t say I was surprised at their following the traditional USDA guidelines. Among my selections:

cranberry juice sweetened with sugar
grape juice with high fructose corn syrup
sugared jello
low sodium chicken broth

Notice anything fishy here?

While the USDA has yet to come on board with this for various reasons, there are multiple studies on the evils of sugar when it comes to heart disease and diabetes. So, your Standard American Patient would be much better off drinking your unsweetened apple juice, things of that nature.

But what about the low sodium broth? (which I find the beef variety vile) Check out this discussion on high blood pressure and sodium. Apparently we’ve been holding back on sodium all along because reducing sodium helped those who already have high blood pressure! So, why don’t they change their focus toward reducing the appropriate nutrient?


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