a contributing factor to my ms?


I just came across this article:

Study Shows Adolescent Obesity and Genetic Factors Interact to Increase MS Risk

You see, I was an obese child… like, nearly 100 pounds. I started putting on weight around age 8 (activity wasn’t encouraged in my life) and I just kept on going. I wrote about my childhood obesity, weight loss, and disordered eating on my now-dead other blog here.

I’ve often wondered if choices I made–or didn’t make–as a child contributed to my MS. After all, these days, I treat myself pretty well, diet and exercise wise.

Here’s a solid lead that my hunch is real. Not that I can go back and change anything, but further ammunition in my fight against the obesity epidemic. Something else to mention in nutrition class next quarter. “You might gain weight” doesn’t seem to have much impact on people’s lifestyles. Diabetes doesn’t, either. Maybe if we add MS risk to the whole mix?

We can only hope.


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