“the last lecture”


The end of last week marked the end of the quarter at the college where I teach, short of upcoming final exams. Considering what’s been going on in my body recently–and that my having caught it early(ish?) may have given me an advantage–I felt it was my duty to share my story with my health and physiology classes, difficult though it was to tell. It was the last thing I told in each of the two classes, and I put up the basic transcription on one of my course websites, if you’re curious to check out my last lecture.

Most students looked stunned. The younger ones (right out of high school, or still in high school taking this for credit) didn’t seem to know what to say. But I got a fair amount of support and thanks for coming forward with the story.

Meanwhile, I also shared the link with a coworker I’m relatively close to, because she was going to potentially have to cover for me one day–to let her in on the otherwise-secret. Not only was she supportive and kind, but also fully in favor of getting the “early detection” message out–ends up that yes, she moved up here mid-last year in search of a change from LA, but also because her long-term boyfriend had just died from pancreatic cancer (as a result of not checking out vague stomach pains soon enough). For all of our sakes… get those minor things checked out!

And now, back to your regularly-scheduled MS blog. šŸ™‚


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