almost outed by a student?


I’ve mentioned before that, despite the fact that I keep my MS symptoms almost entirely in check, I still don’t bring it up at work. Too much of a risk. They’ll think of all the media hype about disability, Annette Funicello, etc etc, and put me in that category, short-shrift me of the assignments that I want.

And I know I’ve been walking the fine line with this blog, since my full name pops up now and then. I dunno, I haven’t entirely tried to hide it, My fundraiser last year also got a fair amount of local publicity… but I’m talking about publicity within a neighborhood of Seattle, whereas that’s not where I work. (But what if one of the city papers happened to pick it up this year?)

Anyway, there’s a point to this post. Some students are curious, and I have one of those who is particularly chatty and outgoing in my nonmajors class this quarter. Before class one day, she said, “you’re all over the web!” And I thought… ohhhhhh no, she’s found me out. But is that really the end of the world? (Unfortunately some of the younger students are idealistic, and don’t always recognize potential long-term consequences, especially when I’m a quarterly contractor.)

A few days ago, she asked before class why I had to cancel one of my classes this quarter. (That’s something I never do–had a completely unrelated medical crisis, which I’ll write about in a few days.) With a few other students around, she said, “Was it because of your multiple sclerosis?” I quickly told her that I don’t bring that up on campus, and it took a bit of explaining why I don’t.

My boss is a former professor of physiology, so I’d hope she understands the wide range of effects MS can have (especially in those of us who take care of ourselves), but you never know… so I’m still staying undercover as long as I can.


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