becoming your own advocate


Just a reminder that we often need to be the squeaky wheel and speak up for ourselves in the medical world. (This is true whether or not you have MS.)

It has been over a week since I’ve injected Rebif. This is the longest I’ve gone without a disease-modifying drug since my diagnosis. Initially, I was worried about the lack of drug in my system… but then, I figured the stress would only flare me up, so I’m just going with the flow.

My health insurance had long been contracted with one particular pharmacy delivery company (my monthly supply of Rebif gets shipped to me on ice). A week prior, I got the usual phone call, verifying my information. All was well. But on the day I was supposed to receive my new batch, the pharmacy called me to tell me my insurance as no longer contracted through them, but instead through a different pharmacy delivery group. Contact them instead.

(OK, I was thinking… it’s Friday, I need another injection for Monday, how will this work out?)

I called pharmacy #2 to utter disorganization. I had to spell my name multiple times, list my address multiple times… you get the idea. I was not impressed. But they were sensitive to my needing more Rebif soon, and they were going to “take care of it”.

A week later, still no phone call, so I called them again. I found that some of my info had been entered incorrectly into their database, but that wasn’t the source of the problem. Seems that they hadn’t gotten around to checking on my insurance coverage… which took one of them all of 10 seconds. “Hmmm, your insurance is denying the drug. I’ll have to call them to check. Might get back to you today, might get back to you next week.” I’m regretting having sat around at home waiting for that phone call (you can guess they didn’t return my call on a Friday afternoon).

I guess this is one benefit of working from home a few afternoons a week? I can waste my time make phone calls to all of the providers that I need to.

Oh, and I haven’t even started on the MRI orders that I was given the first week of Jan, that haven’t made it properly through a) my insurance prior auth and b) my preferred hospital… One of these days?


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