go do it. now.


A few weeks back, I was at the gym lifting weights, and the Olympics were on in the background on the TVs… (and I thought, hm, week 2 of the Olympics, and here’s my first glimpse. Huh. And likely my only.) Most of my fellow lifters were slowly curling… pause… watch TV… curl again a minute later… pause… watch TV…

I guess it’s good that they were at the gym and getting something done (perhaps at the rate of two sets an hour?) but it made me think about the folks I’d been seeing on Facebook, talking about “how they’d like to get there (the Olympics) someday” and “I still have a few good years to qualify, don’t I?”

Well, here comes my very unpopular opinion.

Don’t just sit on your butt and watch the Olympics and be all talk. Go and do something. Train. Get strong. Life is fleeting.

(Better yet, pull out the resistance bands or your equipment of choice and get a two-fer in front of the TV, if you so choose!)

It’s OK to have chill-out times every now and then. The brain needs it.

But if you take some of that time and put it to good use… you never know where you can go. You’ll surprise yourself. You’ll friggin’ amaze yourself.

Go do it!

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