we are lucky…


Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re always complaining about our chronic, constant rain. (But we never carry umbrellas. How silly is that? It’s a Seattle thing…)

But reading the news this entire winter season–how so much of the rest of the country has been pummeled over and over and over by snow and ice and snow and ice and snow and snow and snow and snow and….

We’re pretty lucky to be here.

We’ve had one day of snow this year so far, and it was a Sunday night (so it didn’t impact work at all). And it was mostly gone the next day (again, little impact on work and life). Life goes on as usual… which is pretty darn good.

In the scheme of things, whenever I want to complain about little things (my coffee’s cold! I have to go back and get another hot cup! call the WAAAAAmbulance!) I have to remind myself how lucky I am… I have access to clean water… I have a warm building to call my home… and that really puts things all in perspective. 🙂


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