don’t give up yet! here’s reasons not to…


Some days, those of us with a chronic disease (or, with any other chronic issue) feel ready to give up on life. Take the easy route… whatever that means to you. However, there’s always reason to keep pushing through…

  • Someone else cares about you. Significant other(s), friends, family. They all want us to improve as much as we can, and we owe it to them to be the best we can.
  • While new treatments are slow to be approved, there’s always something we can do to improve ourselves. I’m talking about treating ourselves more healthfully in general, improvement of diet, more frequent meditation?
  • You can learn something from everyone you meet. I’ve been surprised by the new information I’ve learned from random people in odd places, some of which has led to improvements in health. Get out and talk to people–you never know where it will lead!
  • Most of all, every day is a new day. Each day gives us a fresh start, a new opportunity to begin. Please don’t hold out on yourself!

So when you think you’ve reached the point of final despair, please don’t throw in the towel… try adjusting your attitude a little. 🙂


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