teaching by example?


So, I’ve mentioned before that I don’t talk about my MS at work.

But I teach health, nutrition, and anatomy/physiology at a college.

This quarter, I’ve been teaching a lot about the nervous system, and I have an inquisitive group. How much I’ve wanted to “come out” and be more forthright with my examples, and not quite so theoretical.

For instance, I’ve had trouble with liver inflammation from my Rebif… this quarter, the liver comes up in A/P class, so I talked a while about how the liver metabolizes drugs. (They think all of my knowledge comes from my grad degree and my previous pharm industry work. Hah. Notsomuch.)

And just today in class, I was discussing cerebrospinal fluid… this is the stuff that gets “tapped” in a spinal tap? I showed them a pic of a spinal tap from Google images, and told them that there are a few diseases and infections that can get diagnosed this way… they asked me which ones. I told them meningitis (bacteria in the CSF), but I didn’t want to be quite so forward with all of my MS information! So I paused as if I were racking my brain and then mentioned “I think they also use spinal taps to diagnose MS…”

I guess, in the end, all of my life experiences enrich my teaching and my students’ experiences? One of these days, someone’s gonna find me out. Until then…. staying stealth. 🙂


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