The ever-elusive balance… in life, activities, work… etc.

But I’m talking about literal balance. That thing that those of us with MS tend to lose, as our muscles get weaker and our nerves don’t fire so well. And… when our balance starts to go, we walk around on a snowy or icy day, and… BAM, injury. No bueno.

Most people will immediately jump to trying to stand on one leg as a balance exercise, but on a bad balance day, that’s really challenging. What else can you do?

1. Heel raises. (Yes, even these work the muscles around your ankles, and can be a challenge!) Stand with your feet under your sit bones, parallel. Knees should be straight but not locked. Pelvis should be neutral. Rise up onto your toes, maintaining contact with all ten toes (not rolling in or out on your feet); then lower back down. Repeat for a total of ten times. Rest 30 seconds, then go for a second set. If you need assistance, hold onto a wall or a chair.

2. Tandem stance. All this means is standing toe-to-heel, with your feet in a straight line. Stand next to a wall when you “assume the position”, as it’s trickier than it looks. When the toes of one foot are in contact with the heel of the other, stand straight and hold for 30-45 seconds. Change to the other side, and repeat. (You may touch a wall lightly for support if necessary.)

You can do these exercises every day, and they’ll help build strength in the small stabilizers. Hopefully you’ll notice fewer turned ankles, improved walking ability, and better balance!


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