six more months…


until my milestone 40th birthday! (Well… minus two days. August 5th is my big day!)

(btw, thanks for all of the recent comments, y’all, and thanks to all of the new followers! Good to see you guys and talk with you guys!)

Six months back, I said I wanted to make a difference this year. I’ve used that as my carrot, my big focus. So, what have I done in the first 6 months of my 40th year?

But wait… there’s always more to be done. Everyone can make a big change in this world… and I still have 6 months before my (artificial deadline) milestone birthday. What are some other things I’m working on?

  • Unplanned (as of yet) birthday trip… thinking it might involve some volunteer work? Waiting to hear back on that.
  • More running if my body allows.
  • This one’s not really a measurable goal, but I’m trying to get my “traveler’s” level Spanish closer to “conversational” level, and ideally, to fluency. I’ve been doing some chatting online (best I can!) with native speakers. Keeps the brain active!!
  • I’ve been working on at least one grant for a redesigned course at one of the colleges where I teach–a way to serve a commuter population of students better with my nutrition class. If it goes through (which it should), I may get about $1500 compensation just to work on course materials! Plus… changing the face of pre-nursing education.
  • When I can, more volunteer work with our local volunteer-run theater group, something I’ve started up
  • And… expanding the reach of my MS fundraiser for this year, which I’m trying to set for the first weekend of October. I have a research recipient for some of the funds, as I’d like to get more involved in that side, as well.

And I’m sure there’ll be more! When an opportunity comes along, if it suits me, I find a way to make it happen.

Who’s with me in making this a fun and productive spring? šŸ™‚

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