doesn’t it just frustrate you?


It really makes me mad.

As someone with a chronic disease, whose pain symptoms are getting better but still deals with weakness and fatigue, I walk the few blocks into work and see people standing outside the building who are clearly 50+ pounds overweight, smoking… and they’re around my age, even younger. I think, “you have so much you can control to improve your health. I’m doing the best I can, and things have been spiraling out of control in my body.” My invisible dialogue with these people says, “you don’t know how good and easy you have it.”

And then I take a mental step back.

Because I am only the boss of me.

They can do whatever they want with their lives. And who knows? They may be coping with ten hidden autoimmune diseases that I can’t see. They may be smoking as a crutch to cope with the loss of a loved one. I don’t know this person.

We are human. We all judge, to some degree. And yes, as someone who does all I can to improve/maintain the health that I have, it makes me mad to see others “ruin their lives”, at least as I perceive it.

But looks can be deceiving… just take a step back before you judge others too harshly.


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