naturopathic follow-up


Happy February! 🙂

I’m still awaiting my official follow-up appointment this coming Monday. But (knock on wood) I’ve had significantly fewer headaches and pain in general since following their regimen (“detox tea”, contrast showers, and eating more cruciferous vegetables to flush excess estrogen from my system).

In fact, friends who’ve known me almost a decade say that I’m springier and bouncier than they’ve seen me in a while!

I sure hope it’s not a fluke…

The first few days of the “detox”, I was run-down (to the point of my band being a bit concerned?)–but perhaps my body was doing its job cleaning itself out? I’m starting to feel like a new person again!

Wish me luck that this is really happening! (Headaches not completely gone. But I’ve had maybe 2 in the past 2 1/2 weeks, instead of my normal several each week! PROGRESS!)

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