envisioning your success


Sounds like a cheesy self-help ad. But… hear me out on this one.

Have you ever set some sort of goal for yourself, then been too afraid/fearful/tired to take the steps to actually get there? This is part of what MS has been doing to me.

I used to teach bootcamp classes. I used to run marathons. But now, other than the occasional spin class, I find myself seeking out easier cardio workouts. “Hmm, let’s find the beginner video, since that’s what I feel I’m up for today.” I’m doing this over and over again…

Finally, I’m putting a stop to this. I have some more time in the mornings this quarter before teaching class, so I’ve been using a lot of Fitness Blender’s workout videos. (Props to them–they have dozens of fantastic videos for all levels, and different styles, mostly athletic. Good work!) I was finding myself gravitating, as I’d said, toward the easier videos…

Until a few days ago, when I told myself, why not go for some of the harder ones? No one’s watching me, no pressure, so if I have to modify some of the burpees if I get tired, I modify them. But I need this. I need to push myself. I need this push to keep any sort of edge, to be successful…

And you know what? It’s been FINE. I’ve barely taken any breaks with the more challenging videos. I’ve pep-talked myself into them the first few times, but for the most part, I look forward to trying something new!

So… if you’re having an “ohhhhh, pity party, I can’t” day before a workout… maybe think differently for a few moments… maybe you can, after all. Try it!


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