nutrition and ms… again


So, here’s an article I recently came across:

Treating MS With Diet: Fact or Fraud?

It discusses the results of the infamous Dr. Swank diet. (If you’re unfamiliar with it, he found that a low-fat, vegetarian diet reduced the progression of MS in a group of his patients.) I’ve read about this again and again since my diagnosis, and given my background, I’ve never been on-board with too extreme a reduction in fat… because when we drop too much fat, most of us lose control and trade in those calories for too many processed carbs. (That was the big problem during the “fat free” craze of the early ’90’s.)

He does mention something in the article about seeing results in those who eat 20 grams of saturated fat (or less) per day… Now, I’m thinking that’s more doable, maybe?


The list says that 1 ounce of cheese contains (on average) 9 grams sat fat. Sigh. I love my cheese…

I suppose I could work on reining it in a bit more, and see if it affects symptoms. New nutrition experiment!


7 Responses to “nutrition and ms… again”

  1. I’ve read Swanks diet recommendations and I agree with some of it (eliminating as much saturated fats as possible), but I have found it more beneficial to focus on eating primarily whole-based foods (not processed or packaged) and cut out dairy and all white flour. I’m still working towards eating more vegetables and eliminating sugar, but that’s a long journey. Good luck!

    • I certainly noticed a difference in my fatigue level when I was on vacation recently, and ate a lot of (real) Parisian baguettes and pastries. Cutting out dairy…… wow, that would be a huge long-shot for me. I know it’s “recommended” by many in the MS world, but I do love my occasional cheese and ice cream! (And I have not found a suitable substitute for ME.)

      Good luck to you, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hmmmm, I’ve been a Vegan for so long I really can’t say WHAT the benefits have been. Weight management has never been a problem, and I think everything is more difficult when we carry extra weight. Well, and I’ve had MS for 20 years and it’s safe to say that its progression has been very slow. But now , do I attribute that to my diet, or the DMD’s I’ve been taking for some 20 years. Or, maybe the fact that I left my career 11 years ago (stress reduction). Or, is the meditation and exercise that I’ve thrown in, off and on over the years. OR is it just the way the disease was gonna play out in my body, no matter what?

    • Yeah, I know! It’s so hard to say what’s causing what. My first specialist looked at my first MRI and I think she was amazed that I was still upright and able to speak… or something, based on her comments! But considering my mostly whole foods diet, my regular yoga and meditation, having a job that I love… ??? There’s something to be said for treating our bodies well.

      (But like you, I often wonder if my progression would be the same if I drank soda and ate burgers every day. I’m not gonna test that one.)

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  4. You’re funny (LOL) Glad you’re upright and talking!!

    • What else is there to be? It would be awful to just sit around and whine, right? May as well make the most of it, I figure… ๐Ÿ™‚

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