i did it


I skipped a day of blogging… but that’s not the “it” I’m talking about. I held off a day so that I could tell you guys about this morning’s victory (or, hopeful).

Which worked out!

You may recall that I still keep my hand in teaching group fitness classes when I can. Today was a morning that I subbed a class for a friend–I’ve subbed for him before, I regularly attend his class (so the crowd knows me)…

But today is a different day. For this particular brand of indoor cycling, the Les Mills company releases new music every three months–we call it “launch”. So, we try to make it festive, more exciting, build it up… and that is the class I taught today. I felt I needed to be really, truly on (not only that, but I had a few goofy dollar-store giveaways–they loved ’em!)

Anyway, to get to the point: I had a good class! The room has been overheated (and we all know how MS and heat do NOT get along) for the past several weeks, so I was nervous about symptoms. I started developing a minor left side tremor toward the end, and I hope they didn’t think I was nervous… oh well, can’t change that.

Pretty darned good for having been out of town for three weeks (until just over a week ago) and doing zero cycling that whole trip!


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