traveling with syringes


I recently returned from another trip to Europe, which, as you may recall from a previous post, is not too challenging for someone with rrMS. I encountered another unexpected snag, and I wanted to let all of you know about it, because I’m going to add something to my future travel routine. Maybe any of you who travel with injectable drugs should consider this, as well.

I was taking a train from France to England via the Channel Tunnel, and due to some domestic strife in France, security was heightened. We had to pass our baggage through the same x-ray belts as you would at any airport–which I suppose makes sense for major international train travel. I tried to explain in my very basic broken Franglish that I had syringe-based medication that could not go through x-rays, but they initially thought it was film. I tried switching more to French… and then they understood, but then wondered why I was traveling if I was still sick. I had to revert to English to explain my disease (since someone hired as a security agent is unlikely to be an expert in human physiology, nor are those terms I remember from college French). Eventually all was understood…

But now, I realize that prior to my traveling, I should write out a card explaining my medical condition, and my medication, in the language of each country I’m traveling to and through, in case anything is needed. Less hassle, less time wasted, less time my husband has to wait on the other side (and stress out that I might not be able to make it through).

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