happy new year! looking ahead…


Happy New Year!

A lot of us are spending the day thinking about what we’re going to do better in the coming year… for some of us, these resolutions will last more than the first few weeks; for many of us, these resolutions will last a few days… and there are also a few of us who are spending today regretting what we did last night–forget about the upcoming year!

I have lots lots lots of things that I want to accomplish. I’ve talked about so many of them already. But as many MS patients will appreciate, chronic pain and chronic fatigue frequently get in the way.

Oftentimes I just push through. But every few weeks, I just can’t. I need a few hours to just sit and become a hermit, wrapped up in my own selfish world of pain, hoping that there’s an end to the downward spiral.

Within 48 hours, it all improves, every time. With luck, the pattern will keep up.

But this means that my number one “new year’s resolution” should be finding new ways to manage my pain and minimize my fatigue. Staying on top of my nutrition, hydration, and yoga. (I’m usually good with this, but recent travel got me off-cycle.) Maybe getting back into acupuncture and seeing how that helps things.

Because if I’m constantly tired and frequently in pain? I won’t be able to do anything else to a useful degree. So that would be my over-arching “new year’s resolution”.

All an experiment to see what works for me…

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