end of year summary


Thanks to Chris Guillebeau, some of us in the internet world conduct a personal annual review. Here, we ask ourselves what went well this year and what didn’t.

You might be thinking–maybe I don’t want to run my life like a business. Fair enough. There’s a time and place for overanalyzing your life, and then just letting things spontaneously progress. But if you’ve reached a point where, year after year, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and doing the same-old, same-old… setting goals and looking back at the end of the year sounds like a good plan.

Here goes, for me…

What went well:

  • No apparent new MS flareups this year! And that’s one of my main focuses. (foci?) Dedication to a mainly-plant-based diet (I’m good 80% of the time), a lot of yoga, staying hydrated…
  • Lots of travel!At the end of last year, we’d just gotten back from Costa Rica. For spring break, we long-weekended to Bend, OR. Right after spring quarter, we went to B’s high school reunion outside NYC and spent some time there, as well as a road trip through New England. We ended the summer with a long weekend in northern Idaho, and we’re spending another Christmas in western Europe (England and France). Pretty good tally! More travel plans for next year.
  • Earning more miles! I’ve been slow on the uptake, but I’ve been learning and integrating more “travel hacking” into my life, so I can have more miles for low-cost tickets.
  • Taking risks at the right time. I always tell my personal history of disordered eating when I teach nutrition, but this time, it actually helped one of my students.
  • An extremely successful fundraiser. I raised more money for the MS Society at this dance event with my band than I ever imagined in my first go-round! I already have so many plans to make it bigger for next year.

What needs work:

  • Taking more work breaks. When I work from home, I find myself on the couch a lot. A LOT. Hours at a time. Chronic stiffness in my body = no good. I need to start setting alarms to get up and do short yoga sequences, since that’s the magic that seems to ease my pain.
  • Keeping my weight more in check. I am at the same weight as when I returned from my beginning-of-summer gorge in New York and New England. I’m great with exercise… but I love food too much. Even eating fruit, I can go overboard.
  • 40th birthday trip. Next August is a big birthday for me! I need to figure out somewhere to go. I’ve been eyeing South America, but logistics might be challenging.
  • Course development. I have some major changes I want to make to my nutrition course to make it more accessible to our student population. I also have an idea for another online course. I want to get both of these started within the next year.
  • Fundraising lab. Of course, as mentioned before, I’d like to find a lab doing research toward an MS cure to be the recipient of some of my fundraising next year.
  • eBook idea… To be continued. I’ve had an idea I’ve been sketching out, and I want to get it started at minimum within the next year.
  • Maybe that’s enough?

Give it some thought, and you might find some new focus for your life. Not really a bucket list, but things that you want to get accomplished within the next year, or within the first few months, even. What are you going to do in 2014?

(Happy new year! See you next year!)


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