another reason to be active!


A fitness colleague with MS pointed me at this article not too long ago:

Aerobic Exercise May Maintain Memory Skills In MS

Let’s face it, many of us face memory issues. (Though, so many days, I wonder if it’s true memory problems as a result of my disease, or just having too many things on my plate? Hmmm…) It’s great to know that something as simple as going for a walk can keep our memory skills in line!

(And really, considering that I teach classes involving my memorizing so many facts, and that I can still learn my students’ names by the second week of classes, I’d say my memory lapses aren’t disease-related.)

In any case, I think that exercise can improve memory, and thinking, for anyone–not just those of us with MS! Get the blood flowing, “clear out the pipes”, prevent any plaque buildup in the arteries…

And clear your mind. Moving the body can be such a great stress-reliever, eh?

So, go do it! (And don’t wait ’til the new year… who needs resolutions?)


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