nutrition and ms


You know what stuns me?

(aside from, probably, a stun gun. that would probably stun me.)

I’ve been trying to find people who do research on the effects of nutrition on MS, aside from the standard potential effects of vitamin D consumption. I’ve had an idea for a Fulbright research proposal (where a faculty member like me would go overseas and do research and teach), and it involves the role of nutrition in autoimmune disease. I am having so much trouble finding a lab where I’d do my research!

And this is because there’s a TON of research to develop new drugs. Fair enough, since that has immediate effect… but nothing regarding nutrition? Nothing about how a plant-based, minimally-processed diet might improve symptoms, or maybe even reduce the number of diagnoses?

If I were more conspiracy-theorist, I might think the drug companies had something to do with this, given the cost of MS drugs… I don’t know. I’d like to think our interests are more of a priority.

I believe that my focus on nutrition, consuming phytochemicals, and proper hydration has helped keep my symptoms at bay. This is merely anecdotal. And, of course, it’s not patentable, unless I were to create a diet plan to sell to Dr. Oz, or someone else of that caliber. (Hey, business opportunity?) I would love to help more of my community…

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