on finding your passion…


(This one applies whether or not you have MS. Read on!)

So many people are trying to “find their passion”. If only they could “find their passion”, life would be all rainbows and unicorns, cats and dogs would get married, we’d never hear another Miley Cyrus song… (OK, maybe I’m pushing things)

But that’s the holy grail: how the heck do you find said passion? We sit around day in, day out reading books and web sites trying to figure out what our passion is.

Meanwhile, we aren’t getting any younger…….. right?

As for me, I didn’t wake up one morning, jump out of bed, and say… “Ah HA! There’s my passion, behind the mustard in the fridge. That’s why I couldn’t find it!” It took a lot of thinking. A lot of soul-searching. Some meditation, and spending time in my own head (yes, without computers and phones or any outside stimulation….)

But most of all–the way I found things that I like to do and I’m good at doing?

I tried a lot of things.

You will fail at some of them. You will try a few and realize that no, you don’t like them after all. Not every attempt is perfect. But most of the experiences will be fun, if nothing else.

(Case in point: I tried aerial yoga last year, about a month after my diagnosis when I was still a little shaky on my left side. Much balance involved. I had FUN! I was not very good at it. I will never teach acrobatics. It was FUN and I got a good workout!)

So, go and find things that you can try that match up with your interests, that are low-risk. It will likely take a while to find the perfect match. (It took me 10 years of college teaching before finding the subjects I truly enjoyed teaching!) But otherwise, you’re just staying miserable pretending you’re someone you’re not.


2 Responses to “on finding your passion…”

  1. I’ve been looking for an aerial yoga class to take — looks like so much fun!

    • Hi Tamina!
      Yes, it was definitely fun! There’s not a studio really near my house, so I don’t see myself doing it very often (also, it costs more than a regular yoga class) but it was quite the experience! Like I said, trying a bunch of different things gets us to learn things we never realized about ourselves… (like, I don’t have bad balance for someone with MS!)

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