on not fully “coming out”


One of the things preventing me from being the MS advocate that I’d love to be is my work status. I am more or less contract with all of my jobs–each quarter, we’re offered a list of available classes, we pick our top 4-5, and administration does their best. They’re very gracious, but if they had a certain piece of data about me, who knows how that might change? Would they even subconsciously pick another faculty member for a more rigorous class?

Mind you, I went through my initial diagnosis and flare-up while I was teaching a rigorous class (likely no correlation) and didn’t miss a day.

And then there’s the matter of my teaching fitness classes… there’s been some self-selecting, as I’ve cut back the more high-impact formats, but I still enjoy staying involved.

I don’t talk about MS on my facebook page at all, nor do I “like” any MS-related pages (aside from a few related to rehab fitness–I work in that field). I don’t think I can be too paranoid about this, since I actually want to keep the jobs I have, in the same type of work–which I like.

Or am I being too paranoid?


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