workout goal-setting–specifically.


I’ve talked about goal-setting a lot here, and I’ve recently taken a bigger picture viewpoint of the things I want my body to be able to do, long-term.

(Aside from waking up each morning, putting one foot in front of the other, the givens… or at least I assume they’re givens)

  • I’d love to not wake up each morning feeling tight and stiff in my mid-back. I believe that middle-of-the-night spasticity contributes to that, but I’m not sure. I’ve been doing a lot of stretching and yoga, to no avail for the morning issues. My meditation hasn’t helped, either. Deeper mental issue? Something to do with what I eat? I’m sure I could have a lengthy conversation with several specialists and researchers on this one.
  • I would love to have walking endurance for traveling. Luckily this is something that I still seem to have (the cold or heat gets to me first). But I need to incorporate more treadmill walking and/or outdoor walking into my life, maybe with the husband. (Did you see that?)
  • Since no amount of balanced movement training has gotten my body feeling even or level, I need to keep on adding more yoga and Feldenkrais to my life. Some days, I move with fluidity; others, I feel like one side clunks along. I should also pay attention to see if I can tell what triggers cause those clunky days.
  • And the final thing I can think of, off the top? A few years back, I did some indoor rock climbing with my husband and sister, and got such a thrill. I’ve been postponing trying it again, due to injuries (even before my diagnosis). I’d been working on lifting weights, but I know that I need more strength to really give rock climbing any justice. So, I’ve been tossing in assisted pull-ups and assisted tricep dips a few times a week. (And that’s one thing I’ve definitely been feeling!) I figure if I can’t partially lift my own body weight, how am I going to rock climb…
  • Tangible workout goals–reasons other than “to look good” and “to feel good”. What are yours?


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