making a difference… positively.


The more I go through life making change, the more I realize the influence of a simple positive attitude.

One of my high school friends–who will remain unnamed–talks about big changes he wants to make, all sorts of big talk, on Facebook. He hasn’t directly mentioned the charities he’d like to support, but based on the articles he posts, it’s pretty clear to me that it involves injustice to a particular group of individuals.

Thing is, all I see is his article posting, along with finger-pointing and negative commentary, including harsh language. Mind you, I agree that this group is being unfairly treated; but having a public persona of “you’re WRONG and I’m RIGHT” just doesn’t seem like the way to raise awareness or funds, in my book.

I mean, think about it: all of the people who’ve truly created change in this world, even those who’ve dealt in human rights? Have they been the sort to personally attack? (Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, etc) Not that I can think of… at least what the public ever saw. The overused quote “be the change you want to see”? We want to see a positive world, right?

So, I strive to maintain my attitude, even if the changes I’ve created (my huge fundraiser! and my saving a student from the brink of eating disorder a few weeks ago) are apparently “pennies” in this guy’s eyes. We’ll check his record in a few years, to see if he’s done anything aside from whining.

Keep on putting one foot in front of the other, in the sunshine!


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