what a success!!


Talkin’ ’bout my FUNDRAISER! Whoa–successful beyond my wildest dreams!

Last Saturday night, we took over the West Seattle Senior Center and played three hours of music to a crowd of about 100 attendees. I had no idea that so many were going to come!

But thanks to wonderful publicity such as this piece, published in the West Seattle Blog, locals swarmed in.

In total, we’ve raised nearly $1600 for the MS Society, and I still have more donations coming in–still waiting to declare a final total!

Many thanks go out to a small army who helped me put this together… namely, my husband, the band who donated their time for me, in particular the band manager and his wife (who went out of their way to help organize the event and catering), some of the band spouses who pitched in, and of course… the event attendees.

I already have a list of ideas to make next year’s event bigger and better. Onward with Dance MS 2014!

3 Responses to “what a success!!”

  1. I asked about your pain, and I now see that you have MS. I am so sorry. I would love to connect with you and pray for you. I am interested in how you did your fundraiser. I am looking into getting involved with the COPD Foundation of some sort and not sure how to go about helping the cause. I did find out how to be an advocate, but I am not sure if that is the route for me, dealing with government and all. Would love your input. Thank you so much. And if I can offer any help, I am a personal trainer, I would be more than happy to make suggestions. Take care.

    • I’m actually a trainer myself… (I have a 500-hour Pilates certification and specialize in rehab–I trained some MS clients before my diagnosis, which is partially why I guessed at my diagnosis before my appointment) But thanks! If you have any other insights… I’m learning to listen to my body, truly *listen*, these days, since I think I get spastic in the middle of the night. I definitely wake up feeling like I’m moving awkwardly, and I know that I have to run through a few minutes of yoga before doing anything more hard-core, or something gentle to bring balance to my body.

      As for my fundraiser, the MS Society has tools for individuals to create their own fundraisers, but based on their response when I asked, I’m not sure how frequently people take advantage (they were surprised to hear from someone like me). All I really needed were official receipts, so that people could use them for tax purposes. In terms of planning the event, I did a dance event with my band, most of whom have known me for 10 years, and a few of whom have connections to the local community. While they helped me, it wasn’t necessary–local papers would definitely be willing to help publicize an event you’d put on (write something up about it, since I’m sure most people aren’t familiar with COPD). I’m not sure what you’d like to do–if you know someone in a band, host a show with cover charge? (That’s pretty much what I did, and offered up Costco food) 5K races are nice, but as I recall, you live in east OC (near where I went to college) and it would be tricky to coordinate road closures, etc–more expensive than the money you’d actually raise. I know the MS Society encourages us to do Swim-A-Thons and take donations for ourselves (build a website, advertise what we’re doing, “would you donate $1 per lap I swim today?” type of thing).

      Anyway, there are some ideas, and I don’t know if this provides any starting point–but I’d love to help more, if you have more specifics.

  1. 1 for my next fundraiser… | In Search of My New Normal

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