my secret for accomplishing more creative work


And it has nothing to do with that recent I-502 we passed here in Washington State…

I don’t think I’m any more productive than I was ten years ago. However, I think that most folks are less productive than they were ten years ago…

The culprit? Digital distractions.

It’s something I’ve been thinking for quite some time, and Todd Henry confirmed it this morning (I’ve been reading his book Die Empty). We are surrounded by more and more information all the time. There’s always so much to read and learn. In order to make any sense out of it all, we need a mental pause to be able to synthesize the information.

Which we used to have. But now, instead of staring off into space while we wait for the bus, we listen to music, we check our email, we read Facebook… there’s always something to read and keep us busy. (I always knew there was a reason I got my best ideas on my long runs, when I didn’t bring music with me.)

To me, it’s analogous to savasana (corpse pose) in the yoga world–whether you’ve done a rigorous practice or a more gentle practice, you always take a few moments at the end to rest in final relaxation, in stillness, to let your body absorb all that you’ve accomplished. As described…

We need these “drops into the pause” in our everyday life, too, so that our brain can absorb what we’ve accomplished during the day. That’s when our big breakthroughs happen. This is why I still feel so focused in life.

Yes, my irony is that someone like me, who in theory should be having issues with focus and concentration due to MS, is often more focused than those I interact with, and I attribute much of it to my meditation practice, my willingness to break away from electronic devices and experience LIFE, and goalsetting (oh yeah, need to revisit this post–will do so soon!).

Not much of a secret… just set down the phone and just BE…

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