it’s almost here! (fundraiser…)


Not only that, I wanted to make a splash during my 40th year, and I’d say this is something pretty significant!

Tomorrow night!!! Come on down to West Seattle and join us, the West Seattle Big Band, for a night of swing. Toss in a few bucks ($15 is the suggested donation) to help with multiple sclerosis research, grab some food, and join the dance if you’re so inclined!


Note that the plugin on the band website has the time incorrectly listed… we’re running this gig from 7-10pm.

See you there!

2 Responses to “it’s almost here! (fundraiser…)”

  1. 1 Lane E

    I wish we could have been there Brooke. I heard it was a big success. Next year will be even better!

    • Pushing $1600 with donations! And…… if y’all still want to add to that, I’m still open to it!
      I have a task list going for next year already, to make it over double revenue.

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