stop the world


It’s Tuesday, eh… how many times this week, already, have you said that you can’t wait ’til Friday? (I’ve been guilty of that so many times, too!)

Since I’ve learned that my active days may be numbered… I’ve changed my tune. I make every effort to, even if just for a moment, enjoy the now. When people ask if it’s Friday yet, I say… why speed up life any faster than it’s already going???

I know that at my most recent Pilates studio job, I had enjoyable clients who had individual body challenges. (A few even with MS…) Days were long sometimes–some days, I’d have 4 or 5 clients back to back–but it would go by so fast that, by the last client, I’d wonder where the time went!

I look back on that now, and wish I’d taken a moment or two to drop into the pause, and enjoy what I was doing a little more…

Anyway, just something to think about before automatically blurting out “is it Friday yet?”

One Response to “stop the world”

  1. Great attitude remembering every day is indeed a gift! I remember my pilates days and am grateful for my tai chi now! Have fun and enjoy!

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