limitations are an illusion


This title is something that I came up with in the wee hours of the morning, before heading out to catch my bus to work a few days ago–I posted it on my Facebook feed.

It’s how I live my life, as someone with MS. It’s how I try to push myself every day, physically and mentally. I don’t let my disease hold me back from doing anything I otherwise would do as a “normal” person (whatever “normal” means).

There are some days, after a hard workout, that my body feels really beat up, and I know that I need to cut back a little–maybe only some weights and yoga and stretching that day. But you know? A “normal” person would experience the same thing. In fact, there are many “normal” people who wouldn’t even be able to pick themselves up off the floor after my typical Wednesday (4 1/2 hours of very animated lecture in front of a classroom, 30+ minutes of heavy weightlifting, 60 minutes of an interval cycle class, then home to do 15-20 minutes of yoga as best I can). These are the days that I honestly forget that I have any muscular limitation… it really is just a label.

Do your best to figure out which “I d’wannas” are all in your mind. Push through ’em. That’s truly where the breakthroughs come.

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