why i do this.


People have all sorts of reasons for blogging… (fame and fortune? You’d be surprised how many articles there are out there telling you how to make millions off of your blog…) My motivation for this blog has certainly changed over time. But I keep going.

Initially, it was a collection of anecdotes regarding how I felt, and about my diagnosis. All things that I wanted to keep long-term (because I thought that, one of these days, I might write a book… maybe. Or I might forget how I felt emotionally over the first few months post-diagnosis, and I wanted some permanency of that.)

As time went on, however, things changed. I read a lot of other MS blogs… and they ranged from “I have MS and life SUCKS” to people being scared out of their wits due to misinformation and only a small handful out there who really knew what the hell they’re talking about. Now……. MS is a crazy disease without a common trajectory. Does anyone really know what the hell we’re talking about? But there are a few commonalities, and there are certainly steps we can take on our own to improve our health long-term… or to make it worse.

Not only that, but there’s plenty of good information online… and there’s plenty of crap. How is a layperson to distinguish among all of this?

As someone who is a professor of physiology, health, and nutrition–not to mention a human body GEEK–I want to help others in my position as much as possible. And at this point, this is the main reason that I blog. I happen to be blessed with more of an interest than average, and more of a background than others, so I want to use it for good.

So, I write about some of my experiences… some totally make sense and teach us all a lesson, and others are WTF moments. (Yes… this is MS, after all.) But again, I want to use my knowledge to help the MS community, and also to let you all know that you’re not alone. We are a community. We stand together to help each other!

Moving onward in good health and nutrition… to fight our battles! Let’s do it, y’all! 🙂


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