be bold… (lessons from ms part 3)


After all, you only have one life to be authentically YOU. Whatcha waiting for?

I was thinking about this recently while playing a show with my band. In the days prior, I’d been making decisions to step out and be myself a little more frequently (within reason…). Now and then, as the piano player in a jazz band, I play solos. While I’m generally fine at reading the chord changes, typically when the spotlight goes on me–OMG! Frozen.

(Those of you who’ve seen me punning it up in the classroom know that this is not me at all. Apparently my demeanor changes once you put an instrument under my hands.)

As the years have progressed (the wisdom of age, as well as the “now or never” attitude from MS) I’ve slowly realized… just play. Be myself on the keyboard. If I relax into a solo, even if it’s “not my best”, whatever that means, it’s sure going to sound better than Nervous Nellie plunking around.

In the past few weeks, I’ve truly started embracing this attitude at the piano. I haven’t necessarily been practicing more. (Heck… I’ve been practicing less, considering the plethora of projects I have going on.) But it’s all about attitude. Being bold. And at the end of this particular show, several bandmates commented on how they’ve liked my solos the past few concerts. Indeed reflecting upon a new-found confidence.

We have only one chance to be ourselves in life… so grab it, and do it.

(Tomorrow is Day One of fall quarter! Time for me to be even bolder… look out, as another round of students gets subjected to my awful jokes…)

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