better re-entry than before


Remember when I came back from the east coast trip at the beginning of summer, when I said I had a “challenging re-entry” to my normal routine? I was so worried that my body wasn’t handling travel well anymore, and travel is sacred to me, something I really enjoy. I figured that somehow, I’d learn to make adjustments… but still, waaah.

Sometimes, it takes a bit of experimentation to figure out what’s going on with my body. Now, to understand the true results, I would have to take the exact same trip and merely change one condition… (spoken as a true scientist, ha ha) but I think I understand the depth of my reaction to heat. I had been in denial about heat sensitivity for so long, and I succumbed to it in a big way back east.

We spent two weeks on the east coast in June, much of it without air conditioning. Especially on those days, I felt an extreme sense of lethargy. I initially attributed it to laziness, just finishing up spring quarter at work, not getting enough exercise, not eating as well as I do at home… the plethora of excuses. But when it’s in the mid-80’s with high humidity and you get no relief, someone with MS is going to suffer. It was especially clear when even 15 minutes in an air-conditioned store perked me right up.

When we came home to Seattle from that trip, the humidity was less, but the temperature was equally as high. That’s why I was still having trouble working out, focusing, doing much of anything.

Two days ago, we got back from 5 days in northern Idaho and eastern BC. The first few days were forecasted in the 90’s (not typical… ack!), but our car’s AC had just been fixed (hooray… sort of). Because of the heat, I knew not to plan anything much more than gently strolling around town and darting into air conditioned buildings as necessary.

By the time we returned, it had cooled 20-30 degrees… and add in the stress of our car breaking, needing a last-minute rental for me to get to work the next day, planning a return trip to Spokane to pick up our defunct car, etc etc… and I was thinking I was going to feel terrible the next day. Quite the opposite–I had the energy for two spin classes and two weightlifting sessions!

Now, maybe I was working off some of my stress… but even so, if I was run down from heat, I wouldn’t be able to do it at all. I’d say this is a clear sign that I’m affected by heat… (and need to keep a summer home in the northwest)


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