using ms for good?


Chronic achiness from running, over ten years ago, led me to try out Pilates and yoga. I don’t run so much as I used to, but I believe in the magic of these two practices, as the “duct tape holding my body together”… some days, more than others.

I believe, especially, that Pilates can be used in a rehabilitative situation, and not only did I pursue a 500-hour certification several years ago, but I received additional training for various rehab populations. I’ve had a few studio jobs, over the years, that have allowed me to work with these groups–it’s rewarding, as well as a mental challenge.

Recently, an occupational therapist who had been treating me decided to start a movement studio for her chronic pain clients. I jumped at the opportunity that she offered me to teach Pilates, of course! I don’t know that I’ll have any clients with MS, but as my disease causes chronic pain from time to time, it certainly allows me to relate. (Not only that, but I’ve created exercise sequences to help my weakness and instability, that I’ll hopefully be passing along to class participants!)

So, occasionally, experiences resulting from something bad (MS) can be turned into something great (helping others who are weak and in pain).

If you are in the north Puget Sound/Seattle area and wish to try out a class, we are not only offering Pilates, but also yoga and Feldenkrais for chronic pain. Classes are located in downtown Bothell, WA. Take a look at the class schedule here. We’d love to see you!


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