take that, ms!


A few months back, I talked about my previous life as a regular group fitness instructor, and how I was adapting to life on the sidelines–more as a participant, not leading the class so often. My waning strength just can’t seem to handle showing ideal form so often anymore, even though my specialist says my strength lies in the “normal” range.

Add to that the fact that many of the gyms are adapting their schedules to the “bigger, harder, faster!” classes… and it’s just not a good set of conditions for me to teach.

I’ve still been fortunate to be involved in indoor cycling (my occasional faulty coordination makes me reluctant to bike outside anymore–maybe one of these days). Recently I got an additional certification to teach RPM, a high-intensity interval cycle class brought to you by the Les Mills fitness folks.

While I felt strong during cert earlier this year, I’ve had on-again-off-again fatigue issues… but I’m happy to say that I’ve now successfully taught a few classes! (These classes are tough enough that I can’t “cheat” on a bad day so much like I could with my freestyle cycling classes.)

Take that, MS!

(And if you have occasion to try out an RPM class near you… it’ll make you a whole lot fitter. Do it!)

2 Responses to “take that, ms!”

  1. I AM getting stronger these days, you’ve made me rethink my gym membership. I just know that they have “cycling”. A room full of these special (they look special to me) stationery bikes and they ride as a class.

  1. 1 i did it | In Search of My New Normal

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