“annual” review and goalsetting


It’s September 1st! New month, almost heading into a new school year for me… (we lucky college folk on the quarter system still have a few weeks. Good thing, since I’m still writing course material… what else do you think we do over summer break, eh?)

Who here is familiar with Chris Guillebeau? He traveled the entire world–yes, every country–by the time he was 35, but more importantly, he writes a lot of blog posts that make you think, in a good way. Travel, goal-setting, interacting with others.

Something Chris likes to do each year is a personal annual review–has he reached his goals for the year? What goals would he like to make for this year? While it may make life feel a little cold and calculated to some, I think it makes life feel more fulfilling to have some sense of goals… rather than sitting around all weekend, saying “whaddaya wanna do?” “I dunno, whadda YOU wanna do?” We’ve all been there…

Chris has even written about how you can conduct your own annual review. Well done.

As a teacher, I think September 1st is a great time for my personal annual review. As an MS patient dealing with constant change in my body, I may be revising these quarterly.

If you read Chris’ post, you’ll see he divides his goals up into categories (travel, financial, personal…) but I’m just going to start with a list. Not too conservative (goals are meant to be a bit of a reach!), not too lofty.

  • Plan and play MS fundraising show with my band. (This is pretty much done other than booking the location, with whom we have a good relationship. Should be easy.) This contributes to my long-term goal of helping the MS community.
  • Build up to running 10-15 miles a week by the end of the year. (Long-term goal: fitness endurance.)
  • Lift weights at least 4-5 times a week. (Long-term goal: strength.)
  • Have all lecture notes for my winter class (second half of anatomy/physiology, a big, daunting class) written by the end of October. (Long-term goal: have more time/less workload during winter quarter, so I’m not prepping and teaching at the same time.)
  • Donate the $25 in my Kiva account by the end of Sept. (? Overall contribution to society, plus the money’s already there.)
  • In the spirit of clearing out more junk, take (on average) one bag to donate each week this month. (Long-term goal: keep house cleaner, simplify life.)
  • Volunteer at least twice with Driftwood Players, our local volunteer community theater organization. (Long-term goal: contribute to an organization that means a lot to me, as well as meeting more people.)
  • Maintain daily meditation of at least 10 minutes if possible, or at least 5 times per week. (Long-term goal: mindfulness, focus, sanity.)
  • Yoga practice at least 4 times per week. (Long-term goal: overall strength, agility, flexibility, centeredness.)
  • Continue to eat 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The fruits are easy for me, since I love fruit; my challenge here will be to try to make 1-2 of them vegetables each day. (Long-term goal: nutritional variety in my diet.)
  • Invent a time machine. (Not really. But I wanted to put that in there to see who was paying attention. But if I did, it would be really cool!)
  • And I have so many more thoughts, but I don’t want to totally overdo it…….

(Note that I include how each goal relates to a longer-term goal–gives me a reason why I’m accomplishing each piece. Otherwise, I might be moving scattershot through life…)

Yes, the list is long, but to be honest, not that many of them are “stretch” goals for me. Yes, if you’re writing a list of goals, be sure to include a few to challenge yourself! What’s the point of writing a list of goals if they’re as simplistic as “take a shower once a day” and “wake up”? In fact, I’ve written these with the intention that if my teaching schedule gets really busy, I will likely slip up (especially on the meditation or the lifting)–that’s how challenging this will be for me. But with that in mind, at the end of my fall quarter, I will review and revise!

How about the rest of you? I encourage everyone to set goals (maybe not as formally as mine… or maybe moreso, depending on who you are), whether quarterly, annually… and set a date to revisit them. You don’t need to list your goals in the Comments (this post is already bloated enough! heh) but you can trackback to your blog post if you’d like. I’d love to read about it!

Keep on movin’!

5 Responses to ““annual” review and goalsetting”

  1. You’re timing is perfect and you’ve inspired me! I’m in the “mental” process of goal setting, so your suggestion to do something more formal is perfect. I see the benefit already. I’ll get back to you on how it’s going. I know already, getting a job is on the top of my list. Of course I’ve got to consider the personal things that I need to do in order to GET said job:)

    • Great, Estizer! Somehow I thought you were teaching next year… ??? Too bad–our personal experience makes us better A/P teachers, eh? 😉
      Yeah, my overriding goal is something I’ve mostly conquered: I’ve had lots of chronic headache/neck pain issues lingering from an old car accident (? mostly, may be other causes) and I think I have that mostly under control. When *that* wasn’t working out, there was little ability to focus on anything else. So I understand having the ONE major goal to focus on, first!
      Go get ’em! 🙂

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