ooohhh, that smell


No… not that. But some days, it kinda feels like it…

When I noticed a heightened sense of smell a few months back, I thought I was having a “different” day. In a sense, I was. But I’m not the only one to notice a change in my sense of smell with MS. In fact, if you google around, you’ll find a few others who report changes in their sense of smell.

Yet it’s so variable that it’s hard to put our fingers (collectively) on it. As I’ve told people, this is one of those symptoms that I’d love to track, to see if anything else correlates with it, but tracking that along with all my other oddball symptoms would be a full-time job of its own!

I’m glad that it hasn’t yet turned into a diminished sense of smell for me–hopefully it never will–because I imagine that would affect my sense of taste. (I sooooo love food!) And given that MS is a disease of the nervous system, it makes complete sense that the senses are affected.

Is there anyone else out there with MS, or any other disease of the nervous system (Parkinson’s, ALS?) who have noticed changes in their sense of smell? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


One Response to “ooohhh, that smell”

  1. Not my sense of small but, my hearing has been affected. When I get the nerve, I’ll have to tell you about THE strangest one EVER (LOL)
    Cool video accompaniment 🙂

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