39 things about me


Why a list of 39, you ask? Why… because today is my 39th birthday! 🙂

I figure I’ve been keeping this blog going long enough, and I have a small group of loyal followers (thanks, guys!), so it’s about time to let you in on a few of my inner workings.

  1. I am a native Californian. Moved to Washington just before my 30th birthday… so that would be about 10 years ago. I’m getting restless again.
  2. I read more nonfiction than fiction. (Truth is stranger than fiction?) I like learning people’s stories, in person as well.
  3. I have visited 49 out of 50 states. What am I missing? West Virginia. Yeah… somehow happened to skirt it!
  4. I cannot stand the flavor of gelatin. (Ick.)
  5. I do not own a smartphone and will stay that way as long as possible (mostly because I’m cheap, but also because I’m a Luddite)
  6. I make a lot of smoothies with kale. (Really! You don’t taste it, and oh, the nutrients…)
  7. In junior high, I knew I wanted to pursue science. A bad science teacher in high school made me change my mind, so that I was either “undecided” or swaying toward international business/politics for my first college year. I obviously found my way back. 🙂
  8. The summer of 2008, we lived in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a very expensive summer. But I learned to find balance: my first few days, I didn’t want to leave the apartment for fear of money pouring out my pockets, but then I figured, what was the point of being there?
  9. I think my eyes are my best feature. I think my husband would agree. 🙂
  10. I have fairly high aptitude for languages (see #7). In high school, Spanish was our only option and I advanced quickly. In college, I still needed language credits, so took French instead (what 18-year-old girl doesn’t romanticize about French?). Now that I’m more traveled and realize the practicalities of Spanish, I’ve been practicing again and did reasonably well last year in Costa Rica. (Yes… aptitude.)
  11. I like dogs and cats equally well but don’t want to take care of one. Nor do I want to take care of a child. I’m enough!
  12. Haven’t had TV since we lived overseas in 2008. So much more time!
  13. My go-to pantry ingredients are kale (duhhhh), eggs (not hard-boiled, ick to me), and quinoa.
  14. I use my hands too much to keep nail polish on my hands, but I always have something on my toes. Frequently blue or green.
  15. I recently dug out a junior high yearbook where I said I probably would never get married. Now that I’ve been married over 12 years to my best friend… it goes to show what happens when you find the perfect person.
  16. I went to college (and grad school) thinking I’d get a research job. I’m still interested in reading research articles… but most labs are such anti-social environments, and I like people too much. All of my work involves interacting with the public!
  17. I don’t really like wine, and I’m really picky about beer. (If you’ve been to southern Germany, you’ll understand.) However, I’ve recently gotten into bourbon… and I’m also picky about that. Otherwise, I’d be drinking the stuff every day! No mixers for me… if it’s not good enough to drink neat, it’s not good enough!
  18. A few years ago, we stopped buying Christmas gifts in lieu of actual experiences. We go on trips for the holiday, now. Will material things matter in the end, anyway?
  19. I don’t have a favorite color, really, since it changes based on the situation. The color that looks best on me is a chocolaty brown, but not my favorite color.
  20. At one point, I owned every studio album by the band Rush. After their 2002 release, I was underwhelmed and decided I’d no longer follow them so closely. (fair-weather friend?)
  21. My grandfather loved licorice, so I ate a lot growing up. I, therefore, love the flavor. (Unfortunately, I hear that licorice root boosts the immune system, which is not what autoimmune sufferers need? Maybe I’ll go with fake anise extract.)
  22. My hair was straight (and thick) until I was 25. Now, it’s wavy and thick. I have to choose the right products to avoid frizzy and thick. This changes based on the season… Grass is always greener, as I longed for curly hair when I was young, and now, I can’t straighten it when I want!
  23. I used to collect all sorts of cookbooks, but I realize that I find most of my recipes online these days. My go-to is probably How To Cook Everything (Mark Bittman) for no-nonsense techniques and ideas for variations.
  24. Almost all of the time… black coffee, nuttin’ in it, if it’s decent quality.
  25. Having said that, while I’ve only done a single-origin coffee tasting once and don’t remember where my preferences lay, I prefer the less fruity dark chocolates (unlike most of the US). So, give me Ivory Coast or Costa Rica, rather than Madagascar or Peru. (I believe chocolate from Tanzania fit the bill when we also tasted it recently.)
  26. If you’ve read this blog for a while and haven’t figured out yet that I’m a human physiology geek, well… I especially appreciate the underdog renal system. It’s not just about urine formation! Think about the effects on the whole body: the amount of urine we produce affects our blood volume and systemic blood pressure, too… (OK, enough…)
  27. I ran 3 marathons, my last back in 1999. (Last century!) Now, most times I run, endurance is a challenge for me, so I doubt I have a fourth marathon in my future, but I won’t say never…
  28. I was raised by a Disney-loving mother and, being an hour away by plane, we visited Disneyland at least once a year during my childhood. While I don’t abhor Disney now, I see how much it all costs… besides the entrance, the food and souvenirs once you get inside… and I’d much rather spend my tourism dollars seeing the world while I still can.
  29. I had a brief phase of vegetarianism… during graduate school, before said marathon training days. I was also anemic at the time (and didn’t realize). The anemia and starting marathon training didn’t mix, nor did my “vegetarian diet” of chips and cheese. Yeah… grilled chicken is much healthier. Short-lived passing phase for me.
  30. Have I mentioned that I’m a jazz piano player in a band, and we donate all of our profits back to Seattle schools’ music programs? (Once upon a time, I used to sing, too. I’m very out of practice.)
  31. I love reading cookbooks. But, unlike the majority of people, I actually use said cookbooks.
  32. I think ginger tea is a magic remedy for mild-to-moderate nausea.
  33. Once upon a time, when I worked in the cubicle jungle, I loved the sarcasm of the comic Dilbert. Now, when I read it, I think the author is a poor, bitter soul, and I rarely laugh nor relate.
  34. My favorite cities that I’ve visited so far are Vancouver (BC) and Berlin (DE). But who knows… I may have another favorite that I just haven’t visited yet!
  35. My favorite band that not many people have heard of is Porcupine Tree. Everyone asks who they’re like… uh, they’re progressive rock? They have a few tracks resembling Pink Floyd, but they have lots of variety.
  36. I love spending an evening having good conversation with good friends (and hopefully good food! but that’s often secondary).
  37. I was a school spelling bee champ in 4th grade and went to the county level (and got eliminated there). My grandparents always made sure that I spoke and wrote with proper grammar, and…. yes, I’m one of those who secretly corrects everyone’s grammar in my head. (A danging participle here and there is fine, though.)
  38. Even at my thinnest, I was too self-conscious to wear a two-piece swimsuit. I still have body image issues back from the days of being significantly overweight. I suppose it will always haunt me…
  39. And finally… I feel that I learn something from every experience and from everyone I meet, whether good or bad. So many people consider this person or that person a “waste” if they don’t have a good interaction… but what kind of lesson can you take away from the experience? Certainly something, right?

There you have it–my list of 39! Now, to embark on my fortieth year with gusto!

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  1. I love this and happy birthday! 🙂

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