new specialist


I had been underwhelmed by my original MS specialist… or so I thought, having no basis of comparison. I wanted to try someone new.

The main reason I wanted to find someone else was that I’m an active person, and my first doctor was giving me no suggestions regarding how to maintain my activity level, or any idea regarding my activity prognosis given my nervous system damage. She was good at showing me the number of spots on my MRI, but couldn’t really predict what would happen from that. (True, that anything can happen to any MS patient, but she seemed to throw up her hands an awful lot…)

I was willing to look anywhere in the country for a doctor with a more rehab/active focus–and someone who was willing to give me a realistic outlook. I did some research, and discovered someone in my area, at the University of Washington MS Center, fit that description. Willing to give it a try…

I met up with her this week, and listed my concerns. After a physical and neuro exam, she told me I looked no different than a normal person! and that aside from any extreme heat concerns, I should carry on with exercise as normal. (You won’t see me doing hot yoga, anyway… that’s a story for another time.)

When I mentioned why I was making the switch to a more strength- and balance-focused exercise routine, she seemed impressed with my background… so I hope I’m on the right track for self-care!

My main concern was distinguishing between flare-up and “a bad day or two”, especially with our recent heat. I’m guessing I’ve just been having bad days, since when I get into an air-conditioned room for a while, I perk up again just fine.

So, while Doctor #1 would look at my MRI sorrowfully and tell me to “hang in there and do my best”, Doctor #2 is telling me that my disease is entirely treatable, and there’s no reason I should hold back. Hopefully I’m not being overly optimistic, but I’m leaning with #2 (especially since #2 was able to delineate the differences between the disease-modifying therapies better than #1).

And #1’s office never made the follow-up phone calls they promised… while I got a call at 9am the following morning from #2’s office. Winner!

Hopefully I’m not being too optimistic? Yet I believe that optimism and attitude is part of our battle…


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