the best place to live


We’ve all fantasized about our ideal place to live at some point, right?


Maybe not, for someone with MS: many of us risk flare-ups with heat, or at least worsening of symptoms. (I’ll admit that I didn’t really notice this until our recent east coast trip, where the heat index was pretty extreme. And even then, was my fatigue a result of MS, or dehydration? Or lack of sleep? Where does one thing stop and the next begin?)

So, warm places are nice for a visit, but maybe not long-term. As for the cold, I also have Raynaud’s syndrome, likely as a result of nerves and circulation being pinched due to unusual mobility patterns around my chest and shoulders (something I’ve been working on with a therapist and on my own). I notice Raynaud’s symptoms in temps as high as 45 degrees.

Therefore, I’m noticing a small range of time that I can run outdoors most places… until I fix the Raynaud’s.

If real estate were cheaper in San Diego, I think that would give me the best climate (plus good Mexican food!), but I don’t think I’d be in love with the area anymore.

Thinking about this…

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