the fall guy


Happy Fourth to all Americans! As we watch Egypt struggle to find democracy, let’s celebrate what we’re enjoyed for our entire lifetimes here at home.

Today, I woke up early back on the west coast, since we’ve had warmer temps, to get in a run. (Ends up it’s overcast, giving me plenty of time to caffeinate and hydrate.) During our east coast trip, when the mercury rose seemingly every day, my running felt a little more tired each time, as did other activities. Life in general. (NB: I did not run every day. Thirty minutes, about 6 times over a 2-week trip, just for maintenance. If I’d run every day, no wonder I was getting tired, eh?)

So, just like most other MSers, my first thought is to blame my disease for making me tired. Chronic fatigue = major symptom, it must be MS.

Now, far be it for me to use these words, but…. poor MS. It gets blamed for everything, when I have so many other things going on in my life. I was feeling tired toward the end of my two-week trip, and I blamed MS?

Let’s see: I wasn’t eating as healthfully as I do at home, my sleep schedule was irregular, it was hot’n’humid as all get-out, I was dehydrated no matter what I did (water seemed to go right through me), I wasn’t getting as much exercise as usual…

Just saying that while MS isn’t blameless, I need to look at other factors first… other factors that I can change more easily.

Enjoy the day, and here’s what I’m hoping to do today!


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