everything falls apart (you think)


If you’ve recently been diagnosed with MS, your world suddenly falls apart. Even for me–I’d been suspecting that I could be walking out of my doctor’s office as a new MS patient last October–it was a tough label to take, and I had some serious depression. (Heck, I still do, sometimes, on bad symptom days.)

But when I was recently cleaning out my email, I found a great video from the wonderful business coach, Marie Forleo, who reminds us of what we need to do when we feel like the world is collapsing around us and we just want to give up. Take a look at Marie’s blog post and video.

The take-home message for us is that when we get caught up in the “OMG! What is my disease going to do next year? Two years from now? Stress stress stress!”–the only moment that we are guaranteed, and that we are in control of is the present moment. So, take a step back and do your best to control things right now: eat well, exercise (yeah, even if you don’t feel like it… you’ll appreciate it later, and it helps prevent all those things we’re worried about!) and focus on NOW.

This is especially key for newly-diagnosed people.. so many unknowns. Even for me, I was diagnosed less than a year ago and still am trying to figure a lot of things out. But I stay as calm about it all as I can.

Considering that stress exacerbates symptoms, I think that stress is one of the last things we need in our lives. MS patient or not, let’s all challenge ourselves to focus on today rather than imagining problems that (with any luck, if we take precautionary measures) may not even exist!


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