the final day


Today marked my final day of lecture on the college campus where I teach. I’m giving finals over the next three days, but I only need to sit and proctor (and then grade and calculate). In fact, I just finished writing the last exam.

This morning, I “brain-dumped” an overview of the immune system, having already taught them about the different cell types and what they do. Today, they learned how it all works together (which is a lot for me to keep straight, too). Funny, though, how I know a lot about autoimmune disorders.. one of these days, an astute student is going to see right through my level of detail…

This spring, I taught the two subjects I’m the most passionate about (nutrition, and anatomy/physiology) but the 5am wake-up most days to get to downtown Seattle wore down my body… still, sharing my favorite subjects with others who want to learn about them is a gift.

I was talking with a student this morning about how fast this quarter went for me, and that while I’m relieved to get a break, I’m not so sure that’s a good thing. Rather than being happy that life is going quickly, I would rather savor the moments. He appreciated my thoughts, and I also added that I have the same commentary regarding people who always wish it to “hurry up and be Friday”. Not that I don’t appreciate a good weekend…. but instead, I tell everyone that we should revert to the previous Friday! Let’s not rush through our lives…

Until I create a time machine, however, let’s just appreciate each day as it comes.


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