national running day: booyah.


Oh, leaving work today, I knew how lethargic yesterday’s workouts were… to the point of my being whiny-pants in my usual Tuesday strength and core class. (I hope they let me back in.) So I was thinking of bagging the usual shorter Wednesday run, especially since I teach evening spin, and always lift weights beforehand (strength training being of paramount importance to my MS journey) and I can’t go a day without even a small amount of Pilates.

Then I read all the Facebook posts: it’s apparently National Running Day. (Whoever decides these things…) Hmmmm.

Yeah, of course, I didn’t have to lace up the shoes for someone else’s arbitrary holiday, but it was a shove out the door. And given my tiredness, I did decide to go a little shorter. (20 instead of my typical Wednesday 25 minutes.)

I ran from my house down a local hill and back up. It’s a long, steady, long… long hill. I often stop and walk a little. But to compromise for the shorter run, I wanted to see if I could run the whole thing…

And I DID! I ran the entire route, no stops.

Happy National Running Day!


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