bragging rights


Sometimes, the right to brag can be a powerful motivator. That’s how today worked out for me.

Once upon a time, endurance running and marathons were a big part of my life. I let it slide when I stopped participating in organized races (mostly due to cost, partially when I started teaching group fitness). Once I was diagnosed, I realized that I could no longer let running slide: running is a skill I want to maintain as long as I can.

Definitely slower than before, and endurance is tougher to build… but I’ve been building up, and running 3 times a week (between my Pilates, weight lifting, indoor cycling, HIIT workouts, etc etc).

Last Sunday, I did a long run that was 50 minutes long. I don’t want to measure distance just yet, but I was pleased with the time. Today, I felt unsure of my stamina and was going to do the same. But that voice in my head said that if I ran an hour, a) that would be my longest post-diagnosis run, and more importantly, b) I’d be able to BRAG on facebook and in real life about my hour-long run!

Now, that’s good motivation.

On the out-and-back route, when I got to the 25-minute point still feeling relatively fresh, I knew I was at the point of no return and continued onward. The way back had a gradual uphill for the last 10 minutes (so much so that it stretched into a last twelve minutes) but I still made the hour.


To celebrate my victory, I drove to the gym to lift back and biceps. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s hoping I can get to a 90 minute run by summer’s end, and maybe a 2 hour run by fall! (Heck, maybe I can do more…)


2 Responses to “bragging rights”

  1. You totally deserve to brag, that’s a huge accomplishment! And to follow it up with lifting at the gym? Impressive!

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks, Beth! (I also did some Pilates later that day. I’ve been experimenting with stimulating my neuromuscular system multiple times a day…)

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