in hiding


At early stages, especially with relapsing-remitting MS, most symptoms are referred to as “hidden symptoms”–these are the symptoms that we feel, but the general public can’t see. I’m talking about things like difficulty concentrating, insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, chronic pain…

I have definitely experienced most of the above, in addition to some weakness that shows every now and then. There’s a lot of publicity in the MS world surrounding these hidden symptoms… While I’m happy that the community has raised awareness about them, and that we can admit these symptoms are there (hey, it might get us one step closer to symptom mitigation, or a cure!), I’m thrilled that most of my symptoms are of the “hidden” variety at this point.

Think about it: if you had MS but with more overt symptoms, where would you be? Wheelchair/walker/cane? Me, I can still teach spin and beat the pants off of many of the people in my class.

So yes, I’m happy that awareness of “hidden symptoms” has been raised, so that those of us who experience them know that they are real. And I appreciate that my medical practitioners don’t tell me they’re all in my head (though… they mostly are, literally). But am I the only one who appreciates my hidden symptoms for what they are not?

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