fatigue? maybe not…


For weeks, I’ve been complaining about the “hidden” MS symptom of fatigue. I’ve felt run-down and tired, so that seemed to be the best label for what was going on.

Yesterday, I decided to remove that label from my vocabulary, at least for now. I was chatting with one of my occupational therapists (who I see for thoracic outlet syndrome–supposedly not related to my MS) and mentioning this so-called “fatigue”. He was telling me that I could mitigate this fatigue through conserving energy–taking the elevator at work instead of the stairs, finding a lighter workload at another school… And when I came home and read about MS fatigue, I discovered that this refers to people who make it partway through a household chore (say, making the bed) and just can’t muster the energy to do the rest.

Nope, that’s just not me. I don’t quite have 100% muscular strength to do what I used to, but I don’t fit the above categories. Upon further thought, I started realizing that my insomnia might be causing me to drag during the day, which I was interpreting as “fatigue”. (Insomnia: even on my more tired days, falling asleep immediately, but only for 5-10 minutes, then waking back up for a good hour.) While the insomnia is annoying and takes a lot out of me, I’d say it’s a much more benign symptom than “MS fatigue”, and I’ll take it…

Not to mention that I have a more concrete data point. I’m a bit leery of herbs which help with insomnia (due to all my prescription meds) but I’ve started working with my acupuncturist to hopefully get to its root.


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