Today is the first rainy day we’ve had in a while in the Seattle area. Yes, despite reputation, we do have sun now and then, and sometimes go for week-long stretches of sunny days. Just now, we were lucky enough to be in that position, which ended today.

During these times, whenever forecasters predict the end of the sun, public outcry is loud and clear. (I suppose if you don’t know when the good will come back, it’s justified?) Myself, having lived in uber-sunny California for 30 years, I didn’t grow to appreciate the sun so much until my 9 years here.

And this is why I take both the sun and the grey: you don’t appreciate sunny weather unless you have the contrast. If you have the same thing for days (in fact, it was 8 months of endless sun that got us to leave CA) you don’t know what you have until you lose it.

Two days ago, my body started to crash again. I’ve been working out roughly 2 hours each day, fearing loss of strength (and observing it as well, despite the exercise), so when I finally got so tired on Friday that I was barely holding up through my second lecture… and dreaded working out when I got home… I knew something had to give. Of course, I always fear that this is the “new normal” and that nothing is going to improve, but I can’t dwell on that…

So I readjusted to the “rain” in my life that day and did an hour of moderate exercise. I hoped the “sun” would come back into my life the next day, and indeed, I did have more energy to get more done. I appreciated my body more on Saturday for what it could do, compared to the laziness I felt on Friday. (Even non-MS sufferers feel this way, right?)

Better yet, this “shocked” me into doing a bit more research on some more supplement changes I could make and a few more dietary tweaks, to hopefully avoid or minimize the impact of these “rainy” days. So, having rain in our lives now and then can be good.


2 Responses to “rain”

  1. What a great perspective on learning to appreciate the “sun” in our lives. Sorry to hear you are dealing with some physical “rain” in right now. I can relate to that. Let me know if you come up with any helpful dietary changes or supplements. I’m always searching for things that might help!

    • Hi Beth–A lot of what I take is based on my knowledge plus scientific evidence I’ve read. Here’s a good list of supps from the U of MD Medical Center (ranked among the better MS centers in the country): http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/multiple-sclerosis-000111.htm
      I’m not a fan of taking too many pills, nor changing too many variables at once, if I can help it (so that I know which change provided the benefit, if possible). So I haven’t taken any of the “general well-being” or antioxidant supps. I have increased my fish oil dosage to 4 g over the past week (up from 2). One that I take that is not on the list is turmeric in capsule form–it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. I also take B12, which supports the nervous system and I imagine helps sustain energy (as it’s involved in division of red blood cells).
      Of course, it’s challenging to pinpoint which changes have had the most effect… I’m hoping it’s more than just expensive pee/fat reserves! 🙂

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